Finnovista leads Latin America’s largest study on the use of Blockchain technology

Finnovista is conducting the largest study in Latin America on the perceptions and uses of Blockchain technology in the financial sector.

Finnovista, an impact organization that promotes the transformation of the financial sector, is calling for participation in the largest study on Blockchain perceptions and use, as well as the challenges and opportunities of this technology for financial institutions in Latin America.

From the organization, they extend the invitation to financial institutions, Fintech and Blockchain solutions startups acting in Latin America, but with special focus on Argentina, Brazil, Colombia or Mexico, to fill out the questionnaire by November 8.

The organization specified that it seeks to find out what the most relevant actors think about Blockchain. The technology that in recent years has generated great debate about its potential to transform the financial sector in particular. For this reason, Finnovista considers it essential to hear the most important voices of both financial institutions and Fintechs, which together represent most of the sector.

Finnovista works with entrepreneurs and corporations through collaborative activities of the Wealth Matrix, such as conferences, acceleration and escalation programs, startup engagement programs, and innovation programs to drive their journey of innovation and transformation. The company has established itself as the most active investor in Fintechs and one of the most relevant players in Latin America’s business ecosystem, with a community of 2,500 start-ups and over 30,000 innovators.

Increasing the visibility of startups

Now, the organization indicates in its invitation that it is interested in knowing the opinions, contributions, experiences and knowledge about Blockchain in order to prepare the largest study carried out so far in the region. That they come mainly from people who work in financial institutions, fintechs or in Blockchain technology startups in Latin America, but especially if they have operations in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia or Mexico.

They also indicated that this study will be available in digital format, for all those interested in Blockchain technology. And, they highlighted that the participation of the people in question represents an opportunity to express their opinions on the uses and challenges of the adoption of Blockchain technology in the financial sector and for it to be heard by the main players in the sector.

Financial Institutions and Fintech

There has been much debate about how Blockchain can affect financial institutions. The organization wants to know what Latin American financial institutions think about the technology. That is, whether institutions in general see it as an opportunity or a threat. In addition to being able to understand whether they are using it today, whether they have used it in the past, or whether they are open to using it in the future.

In the same way, they seek to do with Fintech companies. Blockchain has the potential to affect several traditional fintech segments such as payments, remittances, loans, investments, etc. Therefore, it is important for the organization to understand what Fintechs think about the technology and whether they are currently using it.

The survey responses will be used to prepare the largest study on the use of Blockchain technology in Latin America that will be published in early 2021. They will take no more than 10 minutes to complete.